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This page represents the corpus of Sacred Scripture translated from the Source Material personally. The reason for a personal translation is to form a codex of terms and phraseology that is consistent across time and space with the Sacred Author. These translations are continually being checked, updated, and renewed as cross-referential knowledge increases. Perhaps through this forum a more complete and accurate rendering of the Sacred Scriptures can be represented. For all Scriptures the guidance from the Universal House of Justice of the Baha'i Faith is followed, however, it is not possible or neat to label every page as provisional. All listings on this site are to be considered personal and provisional translations. {source}
{Available Authorized Translations}

Tafsír Basmalah ~Siyyíd-i-Báb

Sharḥ/Elucidations ~ Siyyíd-i-Báb

Bayán ~Siyyíd-i-Báb


General Translations

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